Me, Myself and I & Marketing

Hello world,

My name is Sarah Gilson aka Sarah bear. I am currently studying at prestige academy, my course I’m studying is a B-com Digital Marketing. I know what you are thinking what is digital marketing? Digital marketing is promoting brands through digital form by utilising different platforms. I chose to study this degree as I enjoy dabbling in the arts of social media and I find the industry quite fascinating!

I am a nature lover, I would prefer to be outside doing something on a sunny day than being cooped up inside and in the winter days I prefer to be cuddled up in bed with a series and a cup of hot chocolate. I enjoy short walks on the beach as I would much rather be in the ocean swimming than on the dry sand.

Digital Marketing for me is not just about promoting a business or brand but its about connecting with world and engaging in conversation with other individuals you would not necessarily come across in your everyday lives.

Often people think they need to jump on every platform just to get larger leads but its about getting on the right platform and utilising it so that you have great content and the best user experience and that is what i want to give to the world.

Connecting with the world
Connecting with the world

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