Tumblr’s DOT …

Tumblr’s Dot.

Hello world. Things in the social media world are changing and they are changing fast, but have no fear that’s why I’m here to share my discoveries with you!

What is Tumblr?

Some of you that do not encounter Tumblr often, it is very useful for brands. Tumblr is a platform for creators to find an audience for their content. Tumblr has a feature called dashboard which allows you to search and discover content where you can comment and like. Fun fact Tumblr is ranked #1 in social sentiment towards brands.

What’s the big deal about the dot?

So basically Tumblr is selling part of their logo “the dot” to brands as a type of sponsored Ad. This is a huge step in the sponsored ad area yet Tumblr is making millions. All you have to do is buy the dot for a special occasion such as Starbucks did for national coffee day, where they added a cup of coffee with their logo on the cup and that acted as Tumblr’s “dot”.

Tumblr “dot” sponsor

So my lovelies I encourage you all to check out the other sponsored ads and videos Tumblr has to offer and if you are looking to get your brand noticed and have the moola maybe this is just what you need.

Until our next discovery, keep on keeping on!

8 thoughts on “Tumblr’s DOT …

  1. how cool is this?? Not a user of Tumblr at all.. but this was fun reading and so interesting! Thank you Sarah you learned me a few things 🙂


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