Twitter VS Facbook – direct business messaging.

Twitter vs Facebook

Hello world, it is no news that Facebook and Twitter have been battling for years trying to one up the other. Recently Facebook just came out with a feature called Facebook messenger which acts like a messaging app by its self, well linked to your Facebook account. This was the perfect app as you do not need to log into Facebook in order to send  a message to someone but just one click or tap and you immediately accessing all your Facebook contacts and ready to start messaging.

So today I came across the announcement from Twitter that they are releasing a new direct messaging button to privately message businesses. Seems like Twitter is joining the race of private messaging finally.

Twitter – Direct message button

How will this work? Well businesses can add a  link into a tweet which will be a call-to-action link. Clicking on  this link will allow customers to immediately start Direct Messaging with the business. for example .

direct message
Exaample of the message button

So to all my Twitter lovers out there, keep an eye out for that direct message link it will make your life drama-free or much easier, so you can keep any personal information just between you and the business.

Twitter fun fact.

Twitter is reported to be the place where 80% of  their inbound customer service requests happen. This is the go to platform where businesses monitor with a close eye for any positive and negative comments. If you have a problem with a businesses particular service, I recommend using Twitter as they will immediately attend to your needs no questions asked and strive to keep up a good reputation with customers.

It has definitely been an interesting journey to see the growth of both Facebook and twitter through-out the years and I am excited to see what the future holds for both platforms and hope that this rivalry brings new innovation to one another and a better user experience to us all. Until next time hoomans, strive big or don’t strive at all.



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