Analytics for Success!

Hello people of earth

It is the year 2017 and I believe it’s the year for everyone. 2016 went by in a flash, it might not have been the best year but it was the year of SEO for me as a digital marketing student. If I could recall anything from last year it would have to be SEO.

So let me just recap; SEO stands for search engine optimisation and refers to using organic strategies to increase amount of visitors to a website by obtaining high-ranking placement in the search results page.

SEO Search Engine Optimization, Ranking algorithm
SEO in a nutshell

Well for 2017 we have been focusing on web analytics and email marketing. In this post I want to share with you the stages of analytics and how each step is important in order to achieve the best results in the last step.

Wen Analytics in a nutshell

Let me just explain what web analytics is; it refers to monitoring, measuring and collecting data from the web in order to understand the data and interrupt it to optimise your website for better success.

I have been doing some reading on Kaushiks blog and let me tell you what a brilliant blog he has. It’s not just a post filled with over loading information but a story that keeps you intrigued until the very end.

Anywho Kaushik proposes the digital analytics ladder of awesomeness which includes 9 steps;

Step 1: Visits, Click through rates

Step 2: Bounce rates, Page per visits

Step 3: Macro outcome rate, Page value

Step 4: Cost per acquisition

Step 5: Abandonment rate, Assists

Step 6: Conversion rate

Step 7: Micro outcome rate, Economic value

Step 8: Profibility, Offline value

Step 9: Customer life time value

Now if you read his blog he begins to discuss these steps in further detail. I just want to touch on specific key points and to be honest with you, I want to focus on the first two steps and how vital it is to implement each step to your best in order to achieve step 9.

Step 1; is vital to any process, if you do anything in life, you need to develop a strong base in order to build yourself up. So with analytics it is important to start with your visits and click through rates because without these you would have no engagement what so ever. These tools helps you optimise your activities and gain more clicks.

Another important step to take into consider is your step 2; this is bounce rates, which shows whether or not your website landing pages are something amazing or just pure nonsense. The minute a visitor lands and does not interact with the site and then leaves, this is known as the bounce rate. So basically make sure your website is amazing if you don’t want to deal with bounce rate. You can do this by enticing the visitor to stay longer and interact with your website.

So I’m just a beginner in the field of analytics so I can’t really give my opinion on the next few steps yet but I do want note the last step which is Customer lifetime value, basically you want to make it to this step. This step nine is the ultimate step. Customer life time value measures the profit your business makes from any given customer. Now in order to do this step you need to accomplish your goals for your website so that it is possible for you to measure. In order to achieve your goals the best way is to use web analytics to optimise your website by using different tools to analyse the data from your website and improving the stats to achieve your goal.

Important to always have a GOAL.

Web analytics comes across scary and difficult but don’t be fooled by the book cover or the name. Web analytics is easy to use and is important to implement into your business. All you need to do is follow afew steps and you on track to measuring your Customer life time value.

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